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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
I think you're taking the discussion a little too seriously, but the thread I was responding to was about Rutledge vs. bimbos, not RC/Emig vs. bimbos.

And if we are having a serious discussion, I'll take issue that RC/Emig really add very much - they have the credentials, sure, but I don't see them bringing much to the table on each broadcast insofar as insight, analysis, or interesting information. I don't sense they do much homework. They're masters of the obvious and cheerleaders, but that's about it. I honestly think one of the bimbos could probably provide about as much real information as they do. People complain about Sheheen, but he is the only one of the three following the action that is on the ball and actually has much interesting to say. If either Emig or RC had to do the play-by-play, the entire broadcast would fall apart.

Nobody has come close to Bailey.

- Mark
I'm not being too serious. Just correcting your mistake to my original comment.

Your original statement was to a quote from me and in that original quote I did not once mention Rutledge Wood.

So, I'm not really sure how you got onto the Rutledge vs. bimbos thing. You created this. I didn't. Reread my original statement please. I did however create the RC/Emig vs. bimbos and I can understand your opinion on it.


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