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Originally Posted by ciedema View Post
And I had mine fail within 10000 miles using North American fuel.

Experience says otherwise.

I am heading home (Aussie) for a few months - I intend to pick up one while I am there.
But using a completely irrelevant statistical group of our combine 60,000 miles that's still an average of 30,000 miles without incident and a filter kit is less than half the price of this module?

I wouldn't buy insurance against meteor strike because whilst a possibility its extremely unlikely, given a large proportion of failures get reported on this forum I wonder how many there actually are verses number of bikes that are out there.

I mean if it makes someone happy to have one, then I'm not going to hate on them for spending their money as they wish, but I don't imagine your example is typical unless you really have third world fuel in the States.

FWIW the respected independent BMW mech I used on one of my road bikes said not to even consider reverse flushing the fuel filter when my f800s played up, he said in his experience over any number of bikes with an issue just using a proprietary cleaner through a half dozen or so tanks did the trick, or the problem was something else.

In saying that he did himself out of paying work (but assured himself of my future business) and you know what he was right, the issue wasn't the filter!
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