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Originally Posted by pommie john View Post
I'm afraid it is so long since I built the engine that I have lost and forgotten the figures!
I have an old piece of paper with some figures that I have written down and these give lobe centres of 95 inlet and 106.5 exhaust, but I cannot be sure where they came from. The opening and closing points I have written down add up to 280 degrees of duration which does not really add up to a sport cam.

I can see that when I have some time, I am going to have to get out the dial gauge and degree wheel and see what's happening inside my engine.
+1! I am going to do it with my spare 336 and a short block if I can figure out a way to get a mid stroke derived TDC. I already have a couple of ideas. I have never had my own degree wheel! I think I am going to get a big one and not worry about timing them in the frame.
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