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I find it very interesting that shops outside the U.S. are using Haas mills. I have over 25 of them, including mini mills and office mills and I think they're ok, but thier tool changers are junk. The control, software, and such are very easy to use, but they dont come near anything connected with Fanuc at all. I would think outside the U.S. you would opt for something from China, or Japan considering whats available. We also have alot of Robodrills w/ fanuc controls that are rockets at only 10 to 15k more (for us in the states) and they beat the Haas's in accuracy, memory, heartyness, and breakdown issues ( not to mention footprint, if you're tight for space ) by a mile. Worth a look if u can. Perfect for 3d machining.
Nice work tho, just the same. Keep go'n !
Dont know if thats really that important to do with this story?? But the Haas mills from some people cop a bit of flack around the place but to tell you the truth we have had very little if any issues with them, we have 3 of them and have had more issues with our Mazak (not to mention the cost to fix) and we also have had a SuperMax and a Leadwell over the years. The first Haas VF2 we bought is 10 years old and has run 5-6 days a week on a mixture of materials including lots of 10 000rpm work and still no hassels more than any other machines we have had.
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