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No VPN necessary, a simple proxy can be found on Google in less than a second.. The vids are in a format useful on many devices. If you bought a device with Digital Rights Management, consider it a life lesson, and try to overcome it instead of just giving up.

As far as the bar comment goes, that's pretty rich. Virtually everything is illegal now days. US citizens break an average of 7 laws per day, most without even realizing it. Comes a time when you've got to continue living, instead of just resigning yourself to the tidy little cell they've crafted out of petty laws.

If you guys want to have one stop shopping for $50, go for it. I see 170 people yesterday and 221 today that disagree and went ahead and downloaded it. Different strokes for different folks.

Oh, and Youtube will take down anything, even home movies, on a whim. What they do should never be held up as a legal precedent, barrister!
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