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Originally Posted by 3B43 View Post
In my prior life, I attempted to convey this to various people in my family, with the response being 'no response' to 'stop being a child'. My standard line was this: I don't want to be 80, looking back at my life and say, 'damn, I should've done.......' Now, I said this while working 50+ hrs/week AND building a house.....and then a second house & barn! It wasn't like I was not employed or working. In my experience, alot of people never look beyond 'this afternoon' and when you try to explain to them where your headed/what you want to experience and 'feel', they look at you like your speaking Russian! They just don't 'get it', nor do they want to understand it!
Different strokes. That is ALL it boils down to. It isn't right or wrong, until someone tries to impose their view on how life should be lived on someone else. I've done a lot and made a lot of choices most other people "don't get". So what? Its my life, I life with the consequences, how does someone else have a right to judge?

Some people travel or adventure because they truly are using the outward journey to explore themselves and test their limits. Bravo.

There are likely some people on this site who are practically running from themselves and personal issues and they have been running for years. Wherever they go they find themselves and their personal demons. AntiHero is not one of these people, but I find myself feeling sad for those who are trying to self-medicate with travel, and it isn't providing a cure.

Some people are so jaded, or unfeeling they seek the extremes just to feel anything. As long as they aren't hurting anyone else, great, and if they have the ability to tell their tales, their's are often the great tales from the edge.

Hell, there have been times in my own life where all I wanted was a quiet corner in which to read a book. At other times I took great risks to pursue what mattered to me. Neither one of those times were "better" or "worse", and I enjoyed both in their own time.

Say what you want, but the guy reading his favorite books just may be having a better time than a young gun out on the ride of their life. Its all personal. There is enough world and enough different paths for people to find their own way. There are people living in situations where they honestly do not have the luxury of choosing any life but but the one they find themselves in, so we who cam choose should consider ourselves blessed.

In short, live life how you need to, don't worry overmuch about other people getting your life choices and don't worry about getting other people's life choices. Definitely don't bother with trying to justify your own style, AntiHero certainly doesn't!
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