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Originally Posted by Kamchat View Post
Thanks for that ..Glad you are enjoying the thread. will be a little quiet now 'till you have plenty of time to 'catch up'

As for the small number plates. Most bikes have the regulation size plates otherwise you will get 'pulled' by the police and given a 30 fine every time you get stopped. If you don't do a lot of miles each year you might consider having a small plate and risking the odd fine ..but if you ride regularly it isn't worth the hassle / cost.
Anyone can get a small plate made up at a number plate makers (or on-line) these are sold as 'show plates' and are sold to you as 'not suitable for road use'.

The standard regulation legal plates must use a precise size and style of font and the spaces between the letters must be a certain size. I have seen police measuring this with rulers and 'templates' on bikes they have stopped on some occasions!

Info on the UK plate regulation sizes here :-
What I learned is that in the UK, ulike the states, the plates can be made by any authorized dealer. (And the dealer often has a small "advert" on the bottom of the plates.

Kam, here in the "Free States" the government issues the plates. Even if you want personalized plates, they make them. That's where the confusion creapt in for me. Didn't understand how folks could have a dealer's name ont he plate, but it still be legal (here those are temporary tags until you get your official state plate)
Perhaps that helps explain more?
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