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What I take from AntiHero's trip is that there are more choices available to us in life than we generally realize, but we have to be open to recognizing them; also, a lot of the reason we don't succeed at things we say we want is that we give ourselves the easy out by embracing excuses. Some choices result in our not being able to ride off into the sunset. Having children, a spouse, pets, a mortgage, a career....these things tend to tie us down. To some extent they can be worked around. Read GP1152's report: "me, a blonde, and two ducatis". Spouse? Check. House? Check? Careers? Check. Kids? No. But, she rides. So they can't just take off RTW but they can go on rides together during vacations. Then you have Gene and Neda (aka Lightcycle)....sold everything except what they could pack on their bikes, quit their jobs, and are on the road totally open-ended. No kids No pets. Sold the house. Tiffany Coates: no spouse, has a job she can come back to but flexible time off, no kids, don't know whether there's a mortgage. Point being that nothing comes without some kind of cost, and it's our responsibility to figure out how to expend our "capital"...i.e. the time we have to live. Blaming the govt or the liberals or the conservatives? Nah. If we want to ride strongly enough we'll find a way. If we don't, then we didn't. That's it. Either way if we recognize our choice as a choice we'll be happier in the long run, even if it means we realize we're done with riding (because then you can let it go and find something to do that you WANT to do). Jus' my dos punts.
I'm not really sure you understand what I wrote. I'm not blaming "Liberalism" for preventing me from taking a trip - although excessive taxation certainly does affect my ability to build my nest egg. Platinumgrit sounds like he "gets it" too. It's about working your ass off like a hamster on a wheel, not getting anywhere and not getting out of the cage. or at least realizing what little wealth we're able to accrue in our current society, is not worth trading for life experience, excitement and FREEDOM.

Reading about these fine folks actually doing it, is pushing me so close to doing it too, now that I'm reaching the age that I realize there's more to life than what we're "allowed" to do in our sterile, politically correct prison.
Obama says adding $4 trillion to debt is unpatriotic:

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