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Quick update on Don Hatton

This post came through which set off a series of "oh, crap" posts...
Originally Posted by Chilipepper View Post
From Rally Raid Canada about Don Hatton 150

Hit by a truck in the dark. Bike broken in two. No GPS. Stuck out in the dark. People are with him. He can barely talk. Afraid he might have broken his leg. 12 miles from the end of the Special.
...but then this added a little hope and perspective that it may not be completely lost.

Originally Posted by Dirtpig View Post
Just a quick update:

I spoke to Don's wife a few minutes ago. Don is still riding towards the end of the special under his own power. Bike is busted up and he may or may not be hurt himself. Bike has no lights, route book, or nav systems (compass). ASO medical team are following him in to the end of the special.

Long story short lets keep our fingers crossed. He is not out of the race yet. When he gets to the bivioac and gets cleared medically then the big question is whether or not they can make the bike ridable for tomorrow. We will let everyone know once we know.

Thank to all the ADV Riders out there for your support. Lets keep "positive vibes" for Don !!


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