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I love climbing Cerro Chirripó--have done it 5 times and hopefully will again this trip. Propane cansiter--some of the things readily available in the States can seem nearly impossible to get in other countries. I think often this happens because there are resources available that do the same thing.

So my sister in law sent me the purchase receipt:
Valor del Vehículo: 685.000
Gastos de Inscripición: 210.000
Accessorios: 0
Otros Gastos: 100.000
Total: 995.000

Gastos de Inscripción are taxes, insurance for a year and tags. But I love the "otros gastos" (other expenses or charges)! I wonder when it comes to selling it if I can ask for an extra $200 in "other charges"?
995 Dollars o 995mil colones? Colones I assume, Felicidades! The marchama and rtv are all taken care of?
I'm hoping to buy my ticket as soon as the taca website is working again (free millas), trying for first week of Feb and a little more. My bike is in E San Isidro, going to find the hard trails near Chirripo this time. I'll rent a cell and give you my # though here or shoot me your email if you want to meet up down there...
p.s. new law says you have to wear the safety orange in the daytime now too.
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