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Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
I hadn't considered that they were brazed to begin with. I've seen one rack repaired with braze..........prolly why it worked well.

Yes, trying to metal weld near brazing will be difficult. And it will be extremely difficult to remove all the braze from around a tube end.

Braze away.
I tried to warn one of my old aviation bosses that he should keep his welding rods and his brazing rods separated better and more distinctly. Shortly after I moved on he grabbed a brazing rod while welding on a custom bracket onto a longeron of one of the Travel Air biplane fuselages we had made from scratch. I sure am glad I was not there to hear the cussing!! If I remember right it took the two of us working full time about a month to make one. He had to splice that fuselage and I think he never sold that particular one. He was amazed just how far he had to get away from the brazing in order to get a good weld. I wasn't. I had run into that situation before!
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