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A lot of semantics being batted around. Of course I know valve timing is measured at the crank. But the cranks are all the same, the cam has been modified ( by moving the key slot back) to produce more advance. The question is...are the later cams advanced 1.5 degree, 3 degrees, or 6? Maybe it really doesn't matter, both cams perform, just at slightly different curves. Last time I checked you could still buy special offset keys from San Jose BMW to make a straight cam advanced or an advanced cam strait. If not, if Mercedes use the same key, they are still readily available on some of the parts sites.
Since all we can do here is talk about it, yup, it's pretty much semantics. I think what we are saying is that advancing a cam three degrees by MOST everyone's standards is advancing the valve timing three degrees which means three degrees at the crank but none of us knows for sure about the 336. It would be strange if they are in fact advanced six degrees. It doesn't matter at all unless you are timing your cam. Well, except for keeping that intake out of your piston the more it gets advanced. I might look into timing my cam now that I have so much more midrange and bottom end with mine. I can now afford to go looking for a bit more on top but I am going to start that search with the exhaust.

Offset keys. I have bought some Mercedes keys that are suppose to work but they don't fit. The keys I have seen from San Jose were not machined correctly. Not even close! That's pretty much why I haven't timed my cam. It's running good and I don't know where to get any keys to change the timing if I wanted to.

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