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Originally Posted by Castle View Post
I "freed" myself by getting out of the corporate world and starting my own company. Of course my problem now is that I work all the time and rarely have much time to really ride. But someday, I'll sell and have the time to do what I want.

In the meantime, I applaud those of you, such as AH, who find a way to have an adventure and provide us with the enjoyment of going along for the ride!

(Don't get me started on taxes, regulations and government interference. We are no longer the land of liberty.)

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I reckon we should start another thread on this topic alone... I fear if I reply further, of hijacking AH's RR with what could very, very easily turn into pages of further extrapolation! Suffice to say, I work through my own company, hire out an employee, and work currently in a contracting capacity, living simultaneously in employee-dom and director-dom and yeah, not much time left at the end of the day. It's not like you can really take sick days, either; if you're exhausted to the point of delirium you just have to get through the list before you can load up on sleeping pills and sleep the sleep of oblivion.
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