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Originally Posted by aklizzard View Post
Who got the best doohicky and should I get the tension spring or just the coil springs
Use the force Luke.

Sorry, when I did my KLR, the factory spring was loose, I started to try to get one of the new coil springs on, and quickly determined, it was actually easier to get the Torsion spring on there!

Just take your time, and be really careful and keep pressure on the, bar, crap, can't remember the name, too tired to re-read the instructions, rod, what ever, it has a thrust washer in there, and if you allow it to come out to far when pulling the side case off you can loose the washer in the bottom of the case.

Wish I got the doo-hickey before I rode the KLR to AK, the engine was noticeably smother after it was done, well, when the tensioner was actually placing the correct tension on the chain that is
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