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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post

I am replying to everyone who PM'd me. I set up a paypal account for Manuel. Anyone who would like to donate to his fuel or just enable him to buy a gatorade while on liaison can donate and I'll ensure all funds get delivered

Now back to the race
Originally Posted by neduro View Post
Morning, everyone!

OK, it looks like I woke up at exactly the right time. Just checked paypal, and you all have been generous- I have ~$1320 since last night, and Dave has $1440 for me, so we're close enough to perfect.

Let's stop with donations until we have a plan to get Manuel dinero by some other route. If I see anything else come in, I'll ask here what to do, I can refund, or if we have a plan for how to make it available to Manuel, we can do that.

Now to catch up on the firehose...
Here's a thought from the middle of the Pacific, what if somebody could drag one of Manny's used, used Mousse back from SA and cut it up into bits and mail a piece to those that helped out??? I'd take one and nail it up next to the piece of Riff Raff road book that Jonah and Casey signed a while back.

Just sayin...

Go Manuel, Go Pyndon!!!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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