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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Day 4 has three huge ergs on the menu; the 1st is the day of Cerro Marcha, the bikers will have to come straight down this.

Not too bad, its only 1,000m high....

The cars and trucks have to go down further to the left on a route that is 1km longer and half as steep - which is still pretty freaking steep.

Still working on the route, but in between the ergs it looks like old rocky, winding mining tracks that eventually drop down to a lovely green valley in the desert.

The 2nd erg is not as steep but its a climb that will test the spirits of but the best dune riders.

The 3rd erg is the hardest, with a another huge descent into a gulley from hell, similar to the one at Fiambala. The special stage ends after they can make it out of the gulley.

Then they have a nice winding coastal route to relax on for about 200km before another series of long, hot, boring strights to the bivouac.

This day I think will be the toughest Peru has to offer.
Sometimes i feel that elements of the Dakar are evolving into an "Erzberg Rodeo" rather than solely focussed on being the long/endurance event of the past.
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