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Originally Posted by EKIN View Post
Bluebull, what is latest Don could start?
Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Its not the latest he can start, he cannot pitch up at his start time more than 30 minutes late (if the rule book remains the same) on pain of disqualification.

Also, if he gets in too late, (an hour or two before the start) they may choose not to let him continue.You saw what happened to Ignacio Chivite yesterday morning.

To be honest his bikes condition might be too grim as well...but miracles do happen.
Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
He has to get into the bivouac before the first bike leaves in the morning, then he has to looby to be allowed to continue. Then he has to pretty much leave the bivouac on or near his departure time (last bike out). Then he has to make it to the start of the Special on time. If he's too late to the start of the Special (like two hours or more), he can be DQ at that point.
THIS is where the snowball turns into an avalanche...

Even if you make it to the bivvy (and it sounds like a war story Don is going through) AND you make all the regulatory times and cut offs as neil and Scott rightly refer to... even THEN he has to start (one tough helluva) DAY FOUR extremely late, with a less than optimal bike in a state of dissrepair (much less limited service) a sore body and next to zero sleep/rest.

Day four is a hard ask in any case... with this as a starting point...?

But as Bluebull wrote... miracles do happen (he still rode the thing in? wow! ).

This is where the mystic powers of the global f5orce that is the F% slow clap have done wonders in the past... so if you're feeling at all rythmic this mornin'...

C'mon Don
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