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Originally Posted by cyborg View Post

Clif Notes caught up, MOST of the F5irehose between meetings, no lunch catchup available, and viewed both France 4 and Eurosport Highlights torrents over dinner, awesome footage! Wife rolls her eyes, but after years of this madness, has mostly come to accept it Brushing up on my French in the France 4 broadcasts.

I'm barely staying ahead of the F5sweeper truck.

Tomorrows pics and vids should be epic! "they will quail" over the steep dunes!
You do know that headmaster f5lood is know to have "f5 pop quizzes" occassionally to catch f5-ing thread skimmers out... don't you?!

Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
Barely avoided the F5 sweeper, thoughts to Don Hatton as I hit the rack.
Originally Posted by practicalshooter View Post

Only 23 pages, one torrent and Pyn on RallyRaidio to catch up this morning. Walk in the park
f5 sweeper truck all caught up, the dregs tossed into "Cliffnotes" bin and all systems go as we look forward to the departure from the bivouac for DAY 4: Nazca - Arequipa...

As the Scottish mens gymnastics team are known to say;

"Aye... tis gonna be a wee ball tearer...!"

Buckle up you kilts laddies... there will be some tired Dakar soldiers today...
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