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Even further on down the road.

I put the cover plate back on with very close to the shim stacks noted above. All good until I got towards the last three fasteners (I called them fasteners to avoid the bolt, screw, cap screw, machine screw thingy)
The input shaft tightened up. WTF? this, after 15,000,000 measurements.

Well off came the cover again and out came approx .02mm from each stack.
Frustrating trying to come up with the numbers again from a choice of about 16 shims.

Cover went back on, all buttoned up and a nice free input shaft. Minus the input seal.

I've had a couple of rides so far and all seems well. Smooth positive shifting with no false neutrals.

The taller 5th is a gem! The RS has plenty of power to pull with the reduced rpm.
With a 33/11 I'm quite sure 130kph on the speedometer ran @ 5000.

Now, 130kph is running @4500
120 @ 4000
100@ 3500.....used to be 3800

That appears to be a difference of 4-500 rpm @ 130 and 300 rpm @ 100

Bottom line, I like it.
All my fun in the mountain twisties is 2nd 3rd and 4th so nothing lost there.

Cross my fingers that it will do another 13 years before showing chips on the magnetic plug.
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