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And breathe!

So we ate at Pizza Hut and washed it down with a few beers back at the hotel reflecting on the great days riding we'd had, then hit the sack. After a hearty breakfast it was time to load up the bikes again and head further north.

We set off into the European feeling city in search of a cash machine, after the first two weren't working we found the third one to be functional.

Next stop fuel.

We wanted to stay outside Tangier, but close enough to the port just in case we had any mechanical issues, that way at least we'd have enough time to fix any problems. We decided to head for Larache on the north west coast, we arrived in the early afternoon. Again it had a surprisingley european feel about the place and the temperature was still up as we rolled into town.

We stayed at the Hotel Espana which you can see in the background of the picture below.

We found the hotel had secure parking albeit a few streets away, so we checked in and then the guy who checked us in said he'd show us the way to the secure garage. Nothing strange about that other than the fact that the guy was a dwarf and he chose to jump on the back of my bike. The guy was in his element as he waved and shouted to his friends mulling around the streets and drinking tea in street side cafes. We secured the bikes once there then made the short walk back to the hotel.

A quick shower and change and we went for a stroll and a brew.

We had a wander round the market and shops.

Pete couldn't resist getting his body out in a shop trying on a shirt for his son back home

We then decided to split up before meeting up later for tea (or dinner if you're posh!)

Jack and I made our way back to the hotel after trying (and failing) to find a place for a beer. We saw Terry in the lounge area not looking too good, he'd had some sad news from home. Before the trip his nephew had undergone major heart surgery and he'd been picking up infection after infection. Sadly he passed away. We offered our most sincere condolences and gave him a hug and a shoulder, we then left him to be alone.

The guy who showed us the parking earlier in the day recommended a good restaurant to eat and he showed us the way through the crowded streets. Some of us had doubts about where he was taking us as we seemed to be walking for ages, but the doubts we soon quashed as we were led up some stairs where we ate and drank like King & Queen.

We could have stayed a couple more days in Morocco, but essentially Terry confessed that the trip was over for him now and he just wanted to get home to be with his family. We all agreed that we would go and get the ferry the following day.

Time to load the bikes once again.

We made the short trip to Tangier, we passed many of these on the way!

Plan was to hang back just in case one of the bales were to come loose, wait until the road was clear and then nail it as quick as possible!

We soon arrived on the outskirts of Tangier and we braced ourselves for the onslaught of the rush hour. It was pretty manic as we weaved our way through the streets, we took a couple of wrong turns courtesy of the local police we then found our way relatively unscathed at the port. We were quickly ushered through as we were told that there was a boat in ready to go.

We all frantically searched for pens to fill in the correct forms and searched for the import/export forms, passports and tickets, we were all through in record time and Pete was that impressed with the guys help he gave him a €5 tip................ Which I noticed was a €50 note I loved Pete's reaction, he simply shrugged and said it's only money, easy come easy go. He then went on to say that the money would probably feed his family for a couple of weeks!

We waited for the ferry............... And waited................And waited some more.

We messed around.

And waited some more

We were then told that there was a problem with the boat on the other side and we'd have to get the next one, we had come to realise that this was the "Moroccan" way. As we waited the port started to fill with other passengers and cars, we got a guy to take a "team" photo.

Then the boat finally arrived.

There was a huge yatch in the port, not sure whom it belonged to, but it was impressive!

We boarded the boat and secured the bikes.

We were off and saying goodbye to a wonderful country and continent.

Terry wasted no time in getting some shut eye

Pete checking his phone still works.

Next stop Spain!

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