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So this is how it works... Old mate on the ground, with the binoculars looking up the track, calls out the numbers of the approaching riders to the kids above, who rip off the previous lap number. Meanwhile, the kids behind and above the board, who have comms, paint the individuals lap times on a board, and pass them thru slots to the kids in front who post them up. The kids behind also reach over and move the individual riders' 'clocks', to their position on track;
Glen Helen, Ramsey, Bungalow.

Meanwhile...the young lady continues to calmly, deliberately and carefully..painting the timing info on the main players board..

At the same time as this almost ritualistic activity is playing out, there are race motorcycles passing within a couple of metres at 150mph+ ! Talk about contrasts! This really is something you have to see to believe...(And don't forget, there could be 100 riders on track...!!)

So what this is telling us, is that our rider is running late. Not good. (#83) He's on his last lap, of 4, but the clock is ticking by, and he hasn't got past Bungalow. So he's on the Mountain somewhere. FAST. Not good.

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