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I just did the valve check on my 950. It is a bit of a long process as you have to measure the gap, then take the cams out and measure the existing shims to see what size you need to replace them, that is if your valves are out of spec. Im not too far from Deland but Im out of town more than I am home for work so It wouldnt be practical for me to try to do it.

Its really not too difficult a job, just time consuming. If your friend has a good place to work on it and a decent set of tools I would suggest he just do it. There are excellent guides to the procedure online and its a great way to get to know the bike, and save a ton of money. You would need a place that it could be apart for a few days possibly. I couldnt find shims locally and had to order them. Couldnt even find Harley Vrod shims (same size) in Orlando... guess no one rides their vrod enough to adjust them.

If he were to get in a bind and I were in town I could be persuaded to help out, and there are a couple of other 950 inmates in the area too.
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