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Originally Posted by jacoba331 View Post
On my ride to work this morning ('06 1200 GSA) I low-sided over some ice and the curb ripped off my left valve cover/bent forks/destroyed front wheel/mangled crash bars/ bent handlebars/ broken fairing.

What are your experiences with claiming?

We're you able to negotiate the actual value of the bike opposed to KBB value with the agent?

Any tips people can give me would be great. I would like to possibly buy the bike back and part it out or fix it with used parts.

Just a reminder to NEVER ride without armor. I would have a broken arm and shoulder if I wasn't wearing gear. Thankfully I am fine. God is good.

First off, Glad you're ok.

I've not ever been able to argue actual costs. I have a friend who has been successful at it. I have been able to argue a few hundred over NADA and not KBB. Good luck!
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