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TET trip, need GPS advice

Hey guys,
Me and some buddies are about to do our first off-road weekend dual sport trip in the North Georgia mountains. We plan on taking forest service roads and other fun dirt tracks, trying to stay away from tarmac as much as possible. We have 2 guys that are going to follow us in a chase truck for supplies (mainly beer and wood).
I'm currently riding a 2011 Husky TE310 and need to figure out my navigation system. Obviously, I'll have a paper map of where we are traveling as a back up, but what do you guys recommend as far as GPS? Is there a specific GPS you would recommend? What about a scroll chart?
Any other advice for us since this is our first weekend doing a dual sport trip? I'm not a beginner rider by any means, I know how to ride dirt, just haven't done a trip on my 310.
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