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Originally Posted by Veter View Post
I received the reply from Cancun dealer at last. Also Motorrad Mex have started a file and are tracking my progress. There is still, however, no understandin re who will pay for the party. Here is the reply and pics - some parts of the dealer's email were translated by google so it may sound funny.

"1.The clutch should be changed

2. The clutch cover was damaged by overheating.

3.The compensator shaft seal is recommended to replace in order to prevent oil leakage (even if there are no oil leaks now).

4.The electronic pump is recommended to replace or at least take one for the trip.

5. In the fuel tank dirt and water was found which also contributes to a malfunction of the cold motorcycle.

6. A slight oil leak by the chain tensioner on the left side."
It seems that it was clutch cover coating that produced all that steam in the mountains. Clutch disk looks kinda worn too. And dirt and water in the gas tank, of course! I still didn't get from the email, however, what parts of the clutch they want to change
It sounds to me like they are asking you, what do you want to do.
I think you have a big bill here

The fuel pump is fairly rugged, I think. They are expensive but of course, if it fails you will be screwed. Id be inclined not get one but.....

They are recommending replacing the counterbalance shaft seal. If it fails it can ruin a clutch, and since it is being recommended to be replaced, no warranty coverage if its not replaced and fails.
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