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Originally Posted by Horsehockey View Post
If you want to repair it instead of ebay a replacement, locate a BMX bicycle shop and ask who does their weld repairs. I lucked out and a BMX hall of famer, Gary Littlejohn, lives not far from me. He repaired my cracked subframe. Those guys are experts on tube weld repairs. Takes about 15 minutes for a guy who knows what he's doing.
Thanks Bill,

I still have the racks sitting on the floor in my room. I looked at them again last night and now I can't find the part I thought was cracked. I'm going to figure this out before I put them back on. Seems that rust collects in the corners and it may not be cracked.

I have to get the rear wheel off and figure out some way to mount a tire. I've never been any good at doing this manually, never. But I think I'm going to try it again. I do this kind of stuff in the Winter because it takes me sooo long.

Only a couple of months and I have to find a job.

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Pay your debt, piratejohn.
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