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tight clearance on "new" oil filter?

So I tried to get my first "357" filter off last night and had to revert to the caveman/screwdriver method (you know what I mean). When I bought the bike I got a bunch of oil filters (and a then "new style" wrench). Back then the going filter was the "541" part number.
The last batch of filters I got were the "357" ones. I noticed the different style (why do they do that...) but was ultimately happy to find that my old German "Hazet" filter wrench from my old GS fit these. I always only hand tighten them so did not notice when I put it on. Well, trying to get it off you can't get the filter wrench in there - too little clearance to the exhaust headers. Why do they do that??? The old Hazet filter wrench is already pretty slim... What do you all use?

Alternatively I could continue using the "541" filters, that's what my RT gets anyways...but then I'd have 3 more of the new ones flying around...

Opinions? Thanks in advance.
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