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Originally Posted by TuonoBiker View Post
Seriously! I'm certainly no fan-boy, but geez!!! What do people want? Make the GS too small, then people complain it isn't tour worthy. Take away all the gadgets of ALL sorts and then its over-priced and old-fashioned....give it too much HP and its now trying to compete w/ a Multi. Make it too tour worthy and now it sucks off-road.

I still maintain that the GS is one of the best full size tour bikes that can take you and a passenger down any path, road, interstate loaded with luggage for several days and do it with long as you have ground clearance.

Its got an optional 1000$ LED headlight. So what!!!! Some of us love that shit!!! You can buy fancy automatic what!!!! Lots of people love that shit too. For 20k, give or take, a lot of people will demand they get the latest technology and innovations. And I mostly agree.

I say all the naysayers of technology...of anything with a circuit board...of anything over 105HP (*gasp*)...go buy a 10 year old KLR and stop belly-aching about technology and overweight bikes.


I'm sure you already know this, but there's always going to be people who gripe. It's just the nature of consumerism. I rarely pay mind to people that bitch about an already fantastic brand and product.
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