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check Faceplant It has been covered a lot there.

A friend had a crash. He was offered a value based on the KBB or NADA. They didn't budge much from that. That was step one. Step two was gear and accessories. Step three was any medical issues.

This doesn't help much now but one way to avoid accidents is to say no. Don't ride when it is icy. I know it is macho to ride everywhere in any weather but a motorcycle and most cars have no defense in ICE.

When I got my first GSA in 03 I thought I could do anything. I thought riding at night was safer because everyone can see a light at night. Then I read about guys hitting deer at night or someone losing a 6x6 railroad tie off their vehicle at night leaving it on an on ramp. Deer don't stand in the road. They shoot at you from 90 degrees off. You hit ice you go down asap.

Hope all works out.
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