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I totaled my 2012 GSA last July. There are no set answers. A lot has to do with what state that you're in and who your insurance company is.
In my case, Progressive was the Company. They were great. I wasn't happy with the value that they put on my two month old bike, but their policy is to use NADA. Where the good stuff came in at was the $3,000 allowance for accessories, which I maxed out with $1,000 left over. They then allowed me to remove accessories up to the $1,000 off of the bike to put on the new bike. Also Progressive has a policy that pays for sales tax and title fees if you replace the totaled vehicle within 30 days of the accident. In my case that was an additional $1,500 which compensated for the lower NADA value. Progressive paid out the claim in less than two weeks after the accident.
Very prompt and professional!
I was not allowed to purchase the bike back because of IL law prohibiting it. Which was okay because they wanted too much for it anyway.
Good luck, and above all, I'm glad that you're able to have these problems (meaning that you are okay)
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