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Originally Posted by The Toad View Post
The switch will hold up to rain. Its not waterproof and I wouldnt submerge it, but like the controls on your handlebars, a little rain now and then shouldnt be an issue.

The lights run on very low DC current and ive used this type of switch (in rain) for years without issue.

If you are really concerned or anticipate lots of rain or moisture, there are silicone sprays that dry and disperse water (be sure its safe for plastic). They can be messy so if you opt to use a spray, I wouldnt do it with the switch on the bike (overspray).


Thanks Brian...I don't want to mess with spray as I've already wired the bike. I'll mount the switch near the front of the tank, it should be OK.

I'll post pics of the whole setup once the brackets arrive in a couple of days.
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