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Gettin' better all the time

Now we're in the Osceola NF on NF road 234 which is just north of I-10 and about 15 miles east of I-75.
Grass gets slick too

Turning onto Molino rd
Now it starts getting' really good

Looks like it had been closed, but someone moved the barracade

Then a little further down

Probably another washed out culvert

Yep, this could be why it's closed

It just keeps getting better and better
Now we're on NE Gum Swamp Road
I renamed this road.but there's too many 4 letter words to print

When we started this road, we saw lots of bike tracks, but they're getting fewer and fewer

This is probably why the road is closed

We discussed turning around, just in case the other bikers knew what they were doing, but we didn't want to ride back thru what we had come thru, so,,,

This ain't gonna be good!!!!

Larry, who is usually the cautious one, comes barreling thru....

I couldn't even walk thru it. Try to pick up your foot to take a step and it won't come out of the MUCK

but back to Larry

It was lots of fun getting that bike out. He had to dig down to find the shifter to put it in neutral.

Now my turn, I ain't going where he went. I finally got my bike into the rut and made it thru.
Notice how he's standing by to help me if I get stuck.

After resting a few minutes, we continue
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