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Originally Posted by pingvin View Post
Cut&Paste from another forum:

"As you might have noticed, the 690 has impressed me a lot. I've claimed it's the only bike out there that can do EVERYTHING and not only doing it but doing it well. This is, though assuming you have both enduro and SMC wheels, forks, shock and brakes.

Well, to take what it's not great at first:
Autobahn - 120kph is OK for a while (so OK in Norway and US then) but take the smaller roads instead
Hard core cross and enduro - It's just too tall and heavy (though much lighter than a XT660 or GS800, only 20kg more than my EXC). COULD be ridden in tough terrain by someone more skilled by me though.

What it's good at:
Supermoto - Not as good as the 450SMR I had, 30kg heavier, but still good fun and capable.
Gravel roads - 530EXC is better since smaller and lighter for aggresive riding
Trails - 530EXC is better since smaller and lighter

What it's great at:
Gravel touring/dual sport - 530EXC just isn't a touring bike, it's a competition bike requiring frequent service...and terrible for those tarmac transport stages. 690 actually works good on tarmac even with enduro tyres/wheels and more fun (lighter) than XT660/GS800 on gravel
Tarmac touring - assuming twisty roads...but that's a given for me. That's why I ride! I have no problems keeping up with my sportsbike buddies even on wide, open roads as long as a bit curvy. The more narrow/twisty the better it works and if really tight, the sportsbikes just couldn't keep up. Not very often I felt I lacked power really (do have evo2 kit, dyno job and low gearing though)
Race Track - I would probably be a second faster on my superdukeR...but more fun with 690. And cheaper if crash, normally just hose off dirt.

For me, bikes are all about FUN, and that's really what the 690 is all about too 8)"
+1, see, that exactly describes (a lot more detailed) why I recommend to go for a 690 (post #9). With a set of sumo wheels this little bastard is definitely a multi purpose bike. Till today I have not found/seen anything better for road and offroad!

cheers Steve
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