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I know what you mean, Kurt! Really early on in this thread I lost the little ball bearing that retains the key when you insert it in the ignition. I pushed the key in way to hard using my fist, and the entire ignition assembly came apart, sending pieces flying into the open headlight bucket below. I heard the ball bearing go bouncing across the floor and looked for what seemed like hours, but I never found it. Looking back at my photos it would've been somewhere around page 4, which shows it was approximately February, 2011. Oh how time flies.

Fast forward to the end of 2012, and I decided to clean out and rearrange the garage so I could fit both cars, the Jet Ski, and the BMW project in for winter. I'm cleaning up, I look down at the floor on the other side of the garage and guess what I see? Yep, the ball bearing. Sealed it in a baggie and still have it waiting for installation.

Yep, sometimes it's just best to sit back and take a break from the project for a bit.

PS - where can we see some pics of your toaster?
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