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IF, you are a DIY and can handle the repairs. I would just stash the money and be my own Ins.

IF, you can't handle the repairs, then you should get the warranty. Remember, warranties are not a failsafe.
You need to maintain your bike, with records to keep the warranty valid. You also can't modify it. IE power commander, ETC.

They will decline anything they deem modified, abuse or neglect. I've been a failure analysis inspector for the last 10 years.
Most companies are decent. There are those that won't cover much, but that's all stated in the policy. You'll need to read it, understand it and decide what's right for you. Also understand, they make the decisions, not the repair facility. They tend to drag both feet. They will require you to pay for all teardowns, just in case it's not a covered failure. They're not in business to pay out money. They collect it and control what takes place and what gets replaced. I've seen repairs that get only the basic necessities and reuse other parts that don't make sense. They don't cover any preventative repairs.
They only cover specific items stated in the policy. They take forever to authorize anything and sometime need to send out an inspector (me) to verify the cause of failure, extent of damage and needed repairs. This can double and triple repair times. If you're impatient, don't buy it and always make sure you know your level of coverage, before you pay for it. Brakes and clutches are considered wear items and are not covered.

Look at the exclusion list of parts. Any policy that excludes fasteners are a rip-off, IMO.
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