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not bad for a newbie!

Your comment to me on another thread made me decide to look you up to see if you had a build thread. Sure enough! I just spent well over an hour reading this thread from start to finish. I billed my client, Comcast, the entire time so I got paid to read your thread which is nice. Anyway, what a ride! You started out as a total non-gearhead newbie and build your bike from the frame up, 1.5 times actually, and in just one year you have surpassed my building skill set! (I am pretty much a bike newbie but I have a mechanical background having been raised by a mechanical and electrical engineer)
I just want to say here that your story is one of the best threads I have ever read... It could be a MOVIE!
A movie that only airhead lovers would enjoy, but still...

I work far too slow to do a build thread like this but maybe if I start posting pics when I am 3/4 done with my café it will appear I am as fast as you...
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