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Originally Posted by V Twin View Post
I was reading the last years Riverina Riders write up from Bergdonks link and was interested in doing the section between Benambra and Numerella that they did.

Reading the report it sounds like they went thru private property on the Tom Groggin track to cross the river. Is this okay to use and is it accessible to anybody as I was looking at going that way to Numerella?

Would you get a GS1200 thru there, or is it too steep and knarly?


G'day Peter. The only problem bit we found was the steep down hill, a couple of kays before the Murray Crossing.
Trite to suggest you'd certainly get any bike down the hill. But it may get very ugly. And expensive. It was a 'here goes nothing' moment for me - but I'm pretty shite for a range of reasons.

I can't say either way, as I don't know what your riding skill is like. If I was confident on the bike I was riding, I'd be inclined to give it a go. That's part of the reason for this type of riding. I don't think I'd do it on my own though.

The road from Benambra was really powdery in places because of log trucks.

The alternative route, down from Davies Plains is similarly steep in places, but it continues for several kilometres. Much much harder IMHO. I think it is a better ride though. Gra' & I did it, with Mr G (who can actually ride), a couple of years ago, north to south.

The river crossing is quite easy, if the river is low. The bottom is largish river stones, pushed flat by the 4wds. The NSW exit is steep and should be slippery mud, rutted up the hill. It's not the water that should cause you problems.

In case you're not familiar, the alternative route through Nariel & Khankoban is a good one. Except the Alpine Way is all 80km/h and radar is said to be active - It's a long weekend, so its a speculator if the Jindabyne (?) HWP would give the Alpine Way any attention past Thredbo, or would they concentrate further east.

opps forgot to fuly answer the question.
We did ride through Tom Groggin Station. It is private land. There is a gate at the sosuthern entrance. It has signs declaring that there is no access. No one stopped us. We rode through very quietly, stayed on the road and didn't kick up much dust. Personally, having got down the hill, I reckon we should've done the crossing, but I was out voted.

Given that there is a road and a crossing, it may very well be that the Tom Groggin Station part is fully private land.

Some people have suggested that, if your ring the station manager and ask permission, they don't have a problem. No, I don't know the number. Nor do I know if that is true.
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