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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
To answer to my own question:

When at speed, when I enter a corner, from the time of the turn in, to the apex and to the exit, when on a smooth arc with no need for corrections, the *impression* that I get is that I'm counter-steering the whole way through. That is, my from wheel, at best, is moving straight, if not to the outside of the curve during lean. (Normal riding here, body straight or upper body slightly turned towards the inside of the curve, with normal tire pressures and NOT power steering - or steering with the rear tire).

The impression I have is that if I'm turning the front wheel to the curve (after initial counter steer), I'm riding too slow (u-turn example).

It can be pointing straight ahead because the direction then wheel is pointing is not the only thing that causes a direction change where the rubber touches the ground. But this point is irrelevant because you are still pointing the tire further inward toward the curve than you would if you were countersteering. Countersteering is just the act of moving the tire out from under the mass of the bike and rider, that's it.

I think the car explanation posted was the best. If you turn left in a car your weight shifts to the right. If you slow down to 10mph your weight doesn't start shifting to the left. I hope that paints clearly how absurd a magical line where countersteering starts really is.
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