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Day 1 7/7/12 11:30 am 906 miles on the odometer. Im finally ready to leave!

I didnt take too many pics starting out, i was just so excited to get riding. And i've been through parts of this area before a number of times. Honestly, i wasnt planning on doing a blob/story/thread on this when i started out. Dont worry, there will be plenty of pics later on. Started out going south to Wyoming. Took a two lane highway down to Ranchester. At approximately 90 degrees out, its tshirt weather for sure. Jumped on highway 14 going over the bighorns. Lots of switchbacks going up the mountain, but no problem for the klr. I stopped on the east side going down on a lookout to snap a few pics quick. There was a gal there sitting outside her conversion van taking in the view. She asked me where a particular campground was, but there are so many, i didnt know offhand. I guess she had been on the road a while, up to alaska on her way out from washington state. Wished her luck after taking a few pics and i was off to Cody. Stopped in Cody at Sierra Post Trading Company for the first time. They have billboards for 35-70% off everything, so i went in to look for a tent. The cheapest one they had was like $160 or some ridiculous amount. Much more than i wanted to spend, so i headed to walmart and got a $22 junior scout 4x6 tent. It was only about 4x8x16'' folded up and 3' tall when set up. Just perfect for those 'secret' campgrounds. After that i swung by an old fashioned cowboy steakhouses for dinner. They had a rodeo at 8pm, but i didnt want to wait around for it, so i gassed up and hit the road by 6pm. Went through Yellowstone shortly thereafter. Started to rain a little bit, but i just threw on my jacket and was perfectly fine. Lots of traffic too, being a saturday night and all.


Lookout from Highway 14 in the Bighorn mountains.

Idaho on highway 20, just after West Yellowstone.

Sorry for lack of pics, I took a bunch last time i rode through. So, i continued through the park, went through West Yellowstone, stayed on highway 20 into Idaho, then jumped on 87 and went north by Henrys lake. Drove til 11pm or so and got to Ennis. I stopped by a gas station for some snacks before camping at the Ennis state park right south of town along the Madison river. There were quite a few people there, but i found a spot by the shore to throw my lil ol tent down.

462 miles today.
Go riding today.
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