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Day 2 7/8/12 1368 miles on the odometer. My, how it feels good to be back on the road!

Got up around 8 or so the next day. Packed up quick and hit the road. I headed west on 287 through Virginia city and Sheridan. would have liked to stop and see walk around, but A- I was itchin to get riding and B- It was a sunday morning, so the town was effectively dead. I was going to stay on 41, but a ways after Twin Bridges the road turned into 55 and i went an extra 10 miles in to Whitehall. Oh well I had time. Then i rode on 2 over to BUTTe, MT, where the tremendous 12 awaited my palate at Perkins. After Perkins I gassed up and hit the interstate for the 2nd time. The klrs aren't really designed for the interstate, but I drove 75 anyway. The vibration gets pretty bad around 5500 rpm, which is close to what it runs on the freeway. Good thing I had a cramp buster. Sometimes I will just hold it with my thumb and give my hand a break. I stayed on the interstate til just west of Missoula then I got on 93 north and stopped by my cousins place outside of st ignatius. She owns an A-frame in the foothills of the mission mountains down a windy dirt road. There is a stream that flows year round behind her place. Very beautiful area. I stopped for about 5 hours, helped her clear some trees, and tried out my new gerber machete. And my hatchet. Handy items on such an excursion. Then for dinner she made spaghetti with beets in it. Little different than any other spaghetti i have had, but it tasted good. Said goodbye to her and hit the road again.

Campground in the morning.


Left there after supper drove north on 93. Stopped by the Walmart in Polson to look for some oil, but they didn't have any I wanted. Usually I run valvoline 10w-40 due to its low price($3.97/qt) and general availability(60% of Wally World stores carry it). And it is a SL APO classification plus has the JASON MA additives for wet clutch applications. Since they didnt have any I drove north to Whitefish, which had a super Walmart and they had what I needed. After getting a few quarts of oil and some snackies. I left the store around 10:30 and it was still somewhat light out. Usually where I live in mt it gets dark by 930 this time of year, so definitely a noticable different. A small taste of things to come. Anyway, I rode on a little longer until I found a campground at a state park near Stryker, Mt. There wasn't any pay station, so I just set up camp about midnight, hid my food in a tree, and hit the hay.

413 miles today.
Go riding today.
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