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Generator light flickers at idle

I just sold an '89 R100GS to an inmate who reported to me that he noticed a flickering generator light on the bike at idle. This is nothing new to me, the bike has been doing it since I owned it. I was told by someone knowledgable about airheads that "They all do that" so I never gave it another thought and the bike always ran well and charged fine based on riding, not testing voltage at the battery etc. The battery lasted as expected, bright headlights etc. The light goes out as soon as the throttle is brought up just over idle (idles at about 1000 RPM if I remember right). Anyway, now that it is someone else's bike I was wondering about this advice a little more and don't want to mislead him with bad advice passed down second hand. I tried searching and could not find anything pertaining directly to this issue and I was wondering if anyone could give a definitive answer on this.
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