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Question More insight, please?

Originally Posted by Power-Tripp View Post
Results of the Akrapovic exhaust w/o baffles, BMC air filter:

Green as delivered.
Blue finished.

Tested secondary throttle blade settings from stock to 100% above 10% main throttle opening. The results show little difference from 4000-6000 rpm. But elsewhere... ;)
A big "Thank You!" to Tom, Wayne and all the other contributors to this effort. Wayne, I was wondering if you could expand a bit on what you found out about the secondary butterflies as it sounds intriguing. Prior to reading this entire thread I was contemplating removal of the secondary butterflies but your comments here made me pause. I ask because I see your Power-Trip Ankra map as the best fit for my 2010 990 R set up as follows: FMF Q4 dual mufflers, Rottweiler air intake, SAS and canisters removed. Your specific map was developed on a standard Adventure of the same year that was set up similar to my R model, correct? I do 80% of my riding between 5,000 and 10,000 ft. above sea level. I understand that it would not be expected to be a "perfect" fit as that would only be possible with a good dyno tune on my specific bike at my elevation. Would you agree that your Ankra map would be a good "close" fit? Or, would you recommend any tweaks to your map for my conditions? (Such as turn on O2 sensor?) It's understood that all of this activity is at my own risk. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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