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Thanks guys.
i'm off to th bach soon but long story short(ened) the batt was cranking slow, charge lite not on. checked lamp etc, brushes worn, replaced brushes , charge lite came on & went off as it should. Voltage at diode red wire point 16volts!!!, voltage at blue wire connection to reg (cant remmeber but lot lower) book says over 1.5v diff diode board stuffed less than 0.5 v reg stuffed.
Took diode board out of berlina & repaired break with solder & araldite. installed & left batt to charge up overnite.
bought lil multimeter & rigged up to read off cig liter outlet. batt sitting at 13 volts, running at 12.8v over 3k revs up to 13.65v & sits there nicley till revs drop.

Checked schmidts diode board this morn with diode func on mm. seemed ok so maybe there was something wrong with my voltage reading - managed to short the board out to the case as well when trying to test it. -
readings on mm testing mm in diode func was 320 (K ohm? M ohms?) thru all them.

Voltage regs - how do they work? just a few caps? I read any type would do & I s'pose that'd be right

I have been planning to do an update & will do when back from bach next week. Take care - I've been missing our lil chats

Oh & ps Jaz haven't you got a touratech catalogue you could read instead of bugging us real adv bikers?
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