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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
Older CR pegs are 8mm and 8mm not 12mm. We are talking about the BOLT diameter not the head/wrench size right? And they are threaded into just aluminum...not a ton of tensil in that. I personally thing that pic of the ktmklx sanjoh posted is more than enough for average NON triple jumping stuff. JMHO though, and I have been called an savant attached to it.

If you are cantilevering the peg mount very far down and forward, especially down, then yes I would add a gusset maybe at a 45* angle back up under to the frame, or if it is a clear shot, then all the way accross to the other peg even to balance out load.

12mm bolt diameter but its probably moot because sailah likes to join stuff with molten liquid metal. We just need to sit back and see what he comes up with when he gets to that point

I like the idea of joining the pegs under the cradle though....

centerstand might be nice, too... just kidding
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