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Originally Posted by go2cnavy View Post
The peer pressure is overwhelming. Maybe I should ride. I just don't like the idea of seven hours of slab time to get there.
I pretty sure none of us are suggesting 7 hours of slab....
We're suggesting 2-5 days of riding as much dirt as you can find along the way,
...and camping where each day ends.

The actual event is often only a small part of the whole "adventure"
You just haven't caught the "bug" yet....

Originally Posted by mdfehrmann View Post
I wouldn't suggest this. There have been times when it's necessary to split up the group, I like to be self sustaining cause things do happen where you go different directions. What if a bike breaks down you take off to get parts or help and bust a flat doing that, then you remember you are not the one carrying tubes. What if your buddy in charge of carrying the tubes or food or whatever, doesn't pack them on the bike...a million more...
What mdfehrmann said......pack your own emergency stuff.
A self reliance attitude might save your ass one day
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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