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It's a short cut, really
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...and even more questions

My current "Big" situation is like this:

(a) I purchased an SR43A last spring and am in the process of stripping it down for a frame - up repaint and refurbish. Engine is good but cosmetics are not where I want them.

(b) My SR41 is shedding some metal bits in the oil and I'm going to disassemble the engine to try to discover what is in the process of exploding.


My plan it to remove the engine from the SR43 and stick it into the SR41 frame. So I at least have one running machine while I'm working on frame/paint on the 43 and the engine on the 41.


I am assuming that the SR41 stator must be used when swapping the SR43 engine into the SR41 frame to keep all the SR41 electrics and CDI ignition compatible and happily passing electrons to each other.

The SR41 stator and ignition sensor will bolt directly into the SR43 left case.

The SR43 carbs will be carried over and everything else should fit right up.


I'll be working on this tomorrow and (unlike Lars) should take a few days to get finished.


If this is somehow totally unreasonable and will tilt the earth on its axis melting the ice caps and drowning everyone, please post and let me know.

Has anyone out there ever done this or am I the only crazy?
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