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Originally Posted by 3B43 View Post
Let me be a little more 'specific' on what I wrote: In my life, I've had people try to influence what I wanted to do/experience and feel, due to it not being 'what you should be doing at this time in life'. It didn't matter that I had a career and was building a 'dream house' for my wife and I. It was simply that I shouldn't be pushing the envelope. I should back off and 'conform' to what 'they' were doing. Kind'a like 'keeping up with the Jone's', but not in the materialistic way. There were many people that understood, as they had passions that they were involved in. Some were into gardening, others tuna fishing....thing is, these people NEVER found fault with the path I wanted to follow.

The people that DID find fault, were always those that never push themselves to attain anything, accomplish anything, other then buying the newest car, toy, clothes, etc. They did not want me accomplishing something that would make them look 'inferior'. These poor souls were afflicted with a disease that I termed 'LWC'.....Little Weanie Complex!!! Nothing more dangerous then an insecure ego! They always found fault with those that pushed themselves passed what 'they' were comfortable with, and, in fact, did everything they could to undermine my accomplishments. Didn't matter that I was only pushing myself for myself. All that matter was that my attaining certain goals made them look bad.

Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't really give a shit what these folks thought until it started affecting my career. Then I DID care! These folks did finally accomplished their goal, as I retired early, turned down a promotions and LEFT! LEFT to enjoy life and follow a path that I wanted. And I never looked back. Did I miss my job? About 2% of it.

Of course, a few months after I retired, a piece of space junk hit me in the back, taking my heart and soul with it. Never saw THAT coming, but it pushed me onto another path....but that's another story.
Now I am interested in the other story! DAM YOU! LOL
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