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Originally Posted by BKFoster View Post
I guess that depends on the Ins Co./Dealer. When the driveshaft failed on my 2009 Adventure, maintanence or modifications where never mentioned. And I have the PCIII and a full Akrapovic race exhaust (among many other mods). But then I am not a "dirty-biker". I do all my own maintainence and keep my bike clean and they noticed. If it looks likes shit thay may think you treat it like shit and ask for records.

Again, not my experience. My dealer got me on the lift, tore it down, agreed it was a bad u-joint, recieved authorization from the insurance company, made a trip to a dealer a few towns over to get the part, and got me on the road in under six hours. I couldn't be happier. It is the first Extended Service Contract I have bought in my life and it will pay for itself if a another covered repair is required in the next 5 years, which I feel is likely. I gambled and won.

Not all problems are the same. They don't handle all issue's the way I described, but they will inspect a lot of repairs.
If your dealer is getting phone authorization, then there is nobody to report the mods. I know it's the first priority on their list when doing an inspection. Most good dealers have a good reputation with the warranty company and they handle business on the spot. Some don't and it all depends on who the carrier is too.
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