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It's a 320 rotor, caliper and master cylinder from Braking, bought it used from someone in the FM who had it on a 640 Adventure. I had this on my CBR600 build which I only put 200ish miles on so no long term report. I will say it works incredibly well. One finger could easily throw you over the bars, will make a front knob squirm under heavy braking.

I have the weirdest leak from the master cylinder, it has this one tiny wet spot under the pivot (that sounded really bad). It never gets to the point where it drips, fluid stays the same. I wonder if it is some residual fluid caught between the two seals? Anyways getting a rebuild kit had to come form Italy and was stupid expensive for a couple seals.

I had never had a really nice brake setup other than Brembos but these 320mm rotors with the correct master cylinder are impressive.

BTW, I hate to say I am biased but I remember seeing your thread title and I was like, great a Harley build. Then I recall you discussing a CNC billet swingarm and I was GLUED to the thread. Your execution and attention to detail was incredible to follow. My bikes always end up looking like a high school shop class I'm trying hard with this one not to go ghetto...
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