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WNWT Day 2

Great night's sleep at my cousin's in Springfield, MO. Hung around this morning and visited a bit before taking off. Pretty certain this is probably Ayla's first time on a motorcycle. What can I say, Triumph's attract cute gals...

I noticed last night on my GPS that there is an American Civil War battlefield just southwest of Springfield so checked it out as I left town. It's the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield park. First battle west of the Mississippi, one of the bloodiest of the war and had the first general to die in battle. I'm an American history nut so this stuff is interesting to me. There is a real eerie feeling knowing how many men were killed and injured right where you're standing.

Wilson Creek... pretty Ozark creek other than all the bloodshed in 1861...

The only structure left from the day of the battle. The family that lived there and some others all hid in the cellar during the battle. 17 people in the cellar. After the battle the house was filled with dead and wounded as a makeshift hospital. Running in front of the house is the old "Wire Road" they used to deliver mail. Mostly still there and used for hiking and horses now.

Stuck to the lettered roads and had some fun getting from Springfield over to the Oklahoma state line... sun was shining, about 60 degrees out, roads were clean. Took a little shortcut that got pretty rustic... one lane bridge that made all the fun banging and snapping noises when you cross. "Rebel Pride" graffiti on the bridge pilings and ropes hanging underneath for swinging into the water (I assume...)

Really wanted to get west in Oklahoma to try and miss all the heavy rain Texas and Oklahoma is getting. Pretty sure I haven't ridden in OK before. Sure get's flat and straight once you get out of Missouri... at least the northern part of OK. Thought I was taking a shortcut... looked like it on the map and ended up on about 30 miles of gravel. Looks just like Iowa gravel but with much less houses.

Ended the day in Ponca City, OK along with what would appear to be every oil rig worker in the state. Decent hotel with a bar and grill attached was just what I needed. Pretty sure I convinced an oil guy from Arkansas at the bar that if he had a more practical bike than his Iron Horse chopper (i.e. something with a normal rake, rear tire smaller than 200mm, luggage, and a passenger seat that doesn't mount with suctions cups) he and his wife would ride more than 4 or 5 times a year. Earned my merit badge for the day. Improved the world.

Pretty slow morning so just 293 miles today.
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